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With more than 15 years experience in the field of communication, our services include journalistic texts and photos, moving images, editorial journalism, speaking voice, press relations and corporate communication.

Our customers are newspapers, journals, online-magazines, TV and various companies.

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Investigation, interviews (German, English, French), writing, photography, layouts, page plans,  editorial work

For print and online media.










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Public Relations









Press releases, editing, maintaining contacts with editors, press photos, press events, maintenance of Internet and Intranet appearances and social media


"And nothing is easier than to write so that no man understands. The other hand, nothing more difficult than to express important thoughts so that they must understand." - Arthur Schopenhauer

About the author


Cornelia Brandt (born 1971 in Rheinhausen) studied Business, Journalism and Public Relations in Duisburg and Berlin. As a freelance journalist she writes and photographs, among other things for the "Rheinische Post", the "Funke Mediengruppe" and various Chamber of Commerce magazines.

In addition, she focuses on corporate communications in both the new media as well as classic media.